Wish I Had Said That

"I learned long ago not to be intimidated by an absence of difficulty"
- John Gill

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."-Frederick Douglass

"If my thought dreams could be seen, they'd probably put my head in a guillotine"-Bob Dylan

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I want ACTION.

The last two weeks I have been actively trying to be a little more sober. Why? Its obvious. I don't want to waste every free-minute in some kind of stupor. I had a nightmare of waking up someday as a 41 year-old stoner, dirtbag, single, alone, and wishing things had been done differently. I want to remember these days and the words and actions of my friends. Act like a Warrior.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Its Blowing In from the Northland

I'm not really a blogger you see. That is why there is so little action here.

What has been happening? I sent the 2nd pitch of "I am a Wicked Child" a few weeks back. Thank fucking god. Solid 5.12. Nobody is going to climb it...except redhead Pat...but he seems to climb just for the love of climbing. Planning on getting up to the same zone to suss freeing the large roof just to the right of the 2nd pitch of IaaWC. It'll go with a little scrubbing and probably a bolt or two. Not to worried about it getting snagged from me.

The Word

Bouldering has been going off the last month. We had the bash out at the Northern Bourbons earlier in August. By all accounts it went off pretty well. Tking deserves many, many props for putting that shit together. As for the guide, sorry about all the mis-edits....we're working on it.

Haven't gotten to the Humbugs like I was supposed to. Fuck. Partly my fault and a lot of my job's fault.

America is

Got down to 10Sleep again the other weekend. Sick as usual. I was able to crush 3-4 12s three days in a row (even onsighted one). Pretty much flayed off part of my middle finger on a pocket as well. Really noticing the increasing popularity and its effects on the landscape. The masters of Ten Sleep are gonna have take responsibility for the erosion that has started due to their constant spraying to anyone who will listen. By the way: I thought Colorado was full of good climbing, but when 8 out of 10 cars is from 'rado I have to believe otherwise. Oh yeah, that's why I don't live there anymore!

El Az, circa 1999. Damn.
El Azteco Days, cicra 1999

I need to crush. The snow is flying already and filling the deep crevices of our beautiful mountains. Ski, ski. I'm trying to commit to a little more ice-climbing this year...but its so fucking expensive. That there is an activity designed specifically for the modern mountain yuppie. We'll see. I do like patagonia clothing though.